Business Overview

This company has been formed by experienced hands from both the financial and FMCG industry. At TEFCO, we render our best to source the finest and affordable food brands for large scale consumers, retailers and individuals alike. After having analyzed a global data, we perfectly understand that Asia and the Middle East will drive food sales. Our current product portfolio include both dry and frozen categories from regional and international origins. Some of the products in our portfolio (dry section) include bottled mineral water, canned vegetables, milk powder, sugar (Industrial Bulk) whilst the frozen products include meat, vegetables, poultry, liquid pasteurized eggs and fresh shell eggs. Frozen meat include halal certified beef and lambs. Progressively we hope to add frozen fish, chocolates, syrups and so on. And like we have envisaged, we hope to emerge as a leading food services company in the region.

Our endeavor is to reach efficiency on delivery, streamlining supply – demand gap and pricing. However, this will not be possible without the support of our strategic partners in the form of logistics providers, manufacturers and finally consumers like you – who would like to do business at the first given opportunity by helping us to understand your need and requirements much closely and better.

Our Mission

To provide quality food at reasonable prices and to create value for all our clients across the food services sectors and to emerge as a dominant food services company. Our services will encompass wholesalers, catering companies, inflight caters, restaurants, retailers and other captive consumers.

“Delivering Essentials - Essentially for all”

Our Vision

We aim to make food and related services available online. We expect food prices to soar given the global climatic change, scarcity of water and other resources that will eventually have multifaceted implications on the global food supply chain. We will like to be part of the solution that will bring the best products sourced from the manufacturer directly to the end consumer online remunerating the benefits to the end customer. We hope to source the best food products from a global standpoint and make it available locally.

“Sourced globally – Sold locally”.

Management Directory

Samson Abraham
Executive Director- Global Sourcing & Procurements

Santhosh Abraham
Executive Director - Operations


The Essential Food Services Company – TEFCO - WLL

Office No: 1, Building No: 656, Road No: 16, Block No: 616, Area – Umm Al Baidh, Sitra, Kingdom of Bahrain. P O Box: 70450

Contact Details:

Samson Abraham
Tel – 00973-33199060

Santhosh Abraham
Tel – 00973-39780425

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